Happy Clients

For over 20 years, I have engaged the services of
William D. Truax, E.A. and I could not be more satisfied with their professionalism and efficiency. It’s like having a partner on your team who truly has your back. It was no wonder than that I decided to engage them as business manager to handle all my financial affairs. Working with Dannylle Milford has been a dream. She is helpful, knowledgeable and always available when needed. I don’t know how I ever managed to get anything done without Dannylle handling all the details. Highly recommended!
— M.B.


"I'm the owner of 5 different corporations with varying percentages of ownership in each.  I've had other so-called professionals handle my financial tax filings but no one was able to keep it as accurate, simple and easy to understand as Bill. In one sense, I trust him with my life and the welfare of my family. In reality, we all do when we trust our accountant with our financial future. I have no intention of giving that responsibility to anyone else other than Bill Truax."

— J.L.

"I have been using their tax preps services for years and they saved me lots of time, money and aggravation. For the past few years I had Dannylle helping me with it, and I felt she really cared for my business and my financial expansion and she helped me understand what we were doing and gave me tips to improve my income and lower my expenses that actually help me expand more."

— N.A.

"These guys really are fantastic.  They've been handling my returns for over twenty years, and never even a whimper from the tax people.  Totally pro, no nonsense.  They get it done and get it done right the first time.  AND they know probably all there is to know about the tax code, so I've been able to gain advantages that lesser firms would not have known to make available.  I assume their rates are competitive but these people are so good I've never even checked other accountants.  Doesn't matter.  If you need total pro help in this area, Truax is your best bet."

— B.M.

"Mr. Truax and his team have been handling my taxes for over 11 years now. During that time I have only been met with the utmost professionalism and fair rates. They have earned my complete trust with their thoroughness and expertise which has allowed me to remain calm and confident while navigating my financial choices and tax responsibilities. Over the years they have taken the time to make sure I am as educated as possible in all tax related law so that I may assist them in making choices that serve me best. I would be lost without them and am thankful for their continued guidance and care."

— R.M.


"I have been using Dannylle Milford at Truax Tax Advisors for a number of years. I think her service excels in a variety of ways. She is very friendly and caring yet she still seems to get me in and out in a fairly short time (which saves me money). She handles all my questions no matter how silly and seems to know the laws in and out, so everything is perfect when its all done. Dont think I would ever want to use anyone else."

— C.S.

"My business has recently had a very difficult audit and Mr. Truax is handling it extremely well.  He is also an expert on international questions when it comes to the IRS.  These questions tend to stump most accountants, who often just give you the runaround instead of simply saying "I don't know".   I recommend Mr. Truax for "sticky" and unusual tax questions which are difficult for the average accountant to understand.  Although he is extremely highly qualified, his pricing is very fair and reasonable. Highly recommended!"


"The Truax team has been very helpful and we have not been disappointed with them at all in the last 5+ years that we have used them. We started a new company last year and without their help I would have been lost. And they always end up leaving us 100% satisfied with our return. Definitely recommend them."

— C.S.

"When I came to TRUAX accounting over 12 years ago I was in serious trouble with both the IRS and the Stare of Calif. Franchise Tax Board for back logged filings and taxes owed going back many years. It took Dannylle and Bill significant effort and knowledge to get my situation under control and get me back on the straight and narrow. For this I will be forever grateful to them! As a result of my long and positive experience with Dannylle Milford and TRUAX accountant I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone."

— J.M.