We're grateful for the comments we receive. Customer feedback is extremely valuable to us and we carefully review all feedback when designing and refining our services. Here's what some of our clients had to say...

Over the past several years my companies and my personal tax work has been done by William Truax, Tax Advisers. Service has been swift, reliable, accurate, professional to a fault. Their services cover everything and anything I’ve inquired about including handling out of state tax prep and each time I was able to hand it over with confidence. Everything that was promised was done and done quickly. I have been especially happy with Bill’s extensive understanding of the tax codes and how they apply to our particular business situation. This has saved us many problems and has, on several occasions, reduced our tax burden by understanding and skillful application of the codes.
— K.C.
Thanks so much for taking the mystery out of this. I felt much better after reading the simplicity of it. I appreciated you sharing the details with all of us. Now we have a basic idea of what to do!
— N.A.
You guys saved my peace of mind! I was feeling pretty squashed when I arrived on your doorstep!
— L.R.
I am still in a state of shock over the brilliant outcome of my tax handling. I came to William Truax’s office with a tax situation well over 10 years that was so confusing and devastating to me that I had given up on ever handling it. As a matter of act I had been told in the past that I would NEVER be able to understand it or handle it. It was even hard for me to make the initial trips to their office ( I kept canceling and changing appointments). But they gently coaxed me to come in and start. Dannylle walked me through my mess of confusion. With ease, expertise and understanding helped me put order in. Before I knew it my taxes (10 years worth) were in order and I actually understood them! Then Mr. Truax worked with me on an Offer in Compromise on this very devastating and impossible (to me) past tax debt that was literally ruining my life. He walked me through it with great expertise in the area and he made sure I understood every part of it. The out come was brilliant. But even before I knew the outcome I knew that no matter what I had this team on my side and there was such expertise and integrity that I was going to be ok. The relief that this brought me after so many years of suppression in this area is hard to describe. It wasn’t always the easiest thing to do and took some work and confronting on my part. but the way I was walked through it and the understanding that they made sure I had on every part of it not only brought my confront and understanding up but also brought my integrity up. From someone who had to be coaxed and had difficulty with actually getting to their offices I now love going to their offices or talking to them!
— L.M.