Keeping Tax Preparation Costs Down

We are often asked by our clients “How much will this service cost?” or “How can I keep my tax preparation costs down?” While this may at first glance not seem like something that you can be in control of, it quite often is something that most clients have a direct impact on.

Our tax preparers rely upon the information you give us to know which forms to use and what deductions may be available to you. To that end, we have an organizer that we sent out to every client which asks you all of our most common questions.  Fill it out completely and accurately and for the items that don’t apply or have a zero value, write down that it is not applicable or is zero.  A thoroughly filled out tax organizer with all supporting documentation (as per the checklist on the front page) has been known to save our tax preparers an hour or more of additional work (that’s a savings of at least $200-$300).

We would rather have too much information than not enough, so if you are not sure if we need that piece of paper with numbers from your mortgage company, send it in! Notice from the IRS? Send it in to us! Receipt from Goodwill for the bag of clothes you dropped off last week? Send it in to us!  It all comes down to how much information you are providing us and how much follow-up or “string pull”  we have to do? Tell us everything, don’t be shy!

And last, but not least, be sure that when you receive an email from us, answer each and every question completely. Do not refer back to other answers given at previous times as the answer for a new question, and don’t forget to be specific. This way, we keep the back and forth email or phone call traffic down to a minimum and again, help keep the tax preparer quickly and accurately completing your return.

As always, give us call with any questions or to make an appointment. We are experts at what we do and are happy to put our expertise to use!